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In my practice, I offer holistic therapy to children, adults, families, and couples. My work is interactive, caring, and empathetic; I work with each client to develop a relationship of trust and support.


 My approach is designed to enable clients to

1) Develop your "Nurturing Parent" rather than "Strict Parent" voice 


2) Develop the balanced life style by seeing the issues 


3) Integrate the self and relationships with others


I have been working both in the US and international countries. In Western culture, many of us live by a myth of independence, pursuing the rugged individualism praised in our society. Some countries live in a myth of dependence, highly emphasizing the importance of living in harmony with others. We are afraid of being negative, but we also know the negative experience often gives us a hint to change or develop our life.


Human beings require both independence/interdependence, and positive/negative, and conscious/unconscious. It is important to find the ideal balance between these two.


I help my clients to develop those balanced view and feel harmony in your life.  I use non-verbal therapy as well as talk therapy to help clients integrate those two dimensions.

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